Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017

Juni Update von Hari

Namaste !!
Clinic Nepal Short report.
The Story of FSU ( Florida State University, USA ) GPE ( Global Peace Exchange, FSU student organization) About 6 years ago, I got a call from a friend of mine Dr. Robert Lee from Florida, he was asking me to rescue his Professor’s Granddaughter and her team from FSU who were in a trouble in Nepal . During this time in Nepal, there was political unrest. Such as Demonstration, Strikes. I remember that days their team were in very difficult situation in Kathmandu, I gave them food and shelter and also proposed to them about running summer scout school in Meghauli. That situation has now turned very fruitful. Many Scouts, Locals, GPE , FSU students are being benefitted. This has also made our connection with FSU more stronger. I came to know that Clinic Nepal is one of the organizations that has been in continuous relation with FSU for a long time. I am very happy getting to know about this. Currently, We have 4 students from FSU and 1 from BSC in our GPE team in Meghauli. They are actively working in the Kindergarten, Scouts and community building.

1. The team teaches English to local people in the Community building

2. This year, we have planned to lay 57 Dustbins. Half of the dustbins are already on the Project site and the team has already started painting, they are also going to repaint the dustbins from last year.

3. 500 cotton bags are ready for Distribution, the bags are in Dark green color this year.

4. The GPE team are also teaching English to Wolfgang Kindergarten’s Teachers and also help them in the Kindergarten.

5. The GPE team has already distributed teaching materials to the Three Kindergartens ( Aasha ko Kiran Kindergarten, Daldale. Parbat Kindergarten, Sukranagar. Wolfgang Kindergarten, Dharampur. )
We also have 1 German volunteer in Daldale. She teaches German Language to the Older Kids of the Hostel. We also have one Danish Doctor, Signe. She has been working in Clinic as General Practitioner since March, 2017 and she will be here until end of July. We just repaired the Ambulance, it cost about 2,700 Euro. I have attached the photos of Ambulance in this mail.

On 29th June, 16 French Medical Students are arriving. They will be repainting Clinic’s outside wall, the temple behind Clinic and Aasha ko Kiran Kindergarten, Daldale. 2 more students from FSU and 1 more from BSC ( Birmingham Southern College ) are also arriving soon.

Kind Regards with Love, Hari and Family.