Samstag, 15. Juli 2017

Ise und der Kindergarten

I remember the day a good friend of mine, Laura, who has been in Nepal for a medical internship in spring 2016, told me about her time over there, the experience she made, the people she met and how much she loved being in Nepal. At that time I had already been looking for other volunteering options but then loved the idea of supporting a small, naturally grown, non-governmental organisation in Nepal. I got into contact with Hari Bhandary, the founder of Clinic Nepal, and asked if I could come and help them with another project apart from the Clinic.

When Hari and me talked on the phone for the first time he asked me if I could draw. He said that the walls of the Wolfgang Linke Kindergarten in Meghauli had been recently painted white and that they needed someone to draw educational material on the walls to make teaching easier. “You have to be very good since the drawings will be there for the next 10 years” is what he said.

Ises vollständigen Bericht mit vielen Bildern  kann man hier lesen.