Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Erdbeben-Update: Nachhaltiger Wideraufbau.


I am writing firstly to let you know that after the large earthquake in Nepal all of my family, the clinic staff, the children in the children’s home and kindergartens, and the volunteers are luckily safe and unharmed. Being on the ground here I have seen the tremendous efforts put forth by the international community. I am awed and thankful that the world has stepped up to help Nepal in our time of need. However, this aid is largely localized to Kathmandu and I suspect many of the organizations will depart once the acute problems are resolved.

Thus, I am trying to look to the future and determine what we can do long term. We are starting a new project immediately with the overall goal being to help rebuild homes in the mountainous regions destroyed by the earthquake. Specifically we will be building earthquake safe foundations, so that villagers will no longer live in fear of further destruction. If you are interested in reading more about the earthquake and upcoming project, I am attaching a newsletter with more information.

We are continuing our regular work of providing care for the citizens in Chitwan through free medication and mobile health camps. In addition, we are working on a multi-organization project to bring relief and medical supplies to those most affected in the mountain regions. The local district government is organizing the project, with medications provided through our clinic and food, shelter, clothing etc. provided by other local NGOs. For more information on our current projects please visit

Kind regards with love,
Hari Bhandary

Wir können stolz berichten, das im Rahmen der Erdbebenhilfe über 25.000 Euro gespendet wurden. Wie in Haris Bericht zu lesen, soll das Geld in nachhaltige Projekte investiert werden. Auch an dieser Stelle noch einmal der Hinweis, dass bei Spenden an den Förderkreis Clinic Nepal über 99% der Gelder in Nepal seine Verwendung findet. Daher: Bitte und gerne weiter spenden.