Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Erdbebenhilfe kommt an!

Hari schreibt:
Again today on 14th May 2015, Hari handover on the behalf of Clinic Nepal families, Donors, supporters and friends  Rice(3750 Kgs), Lintel(150Kgs), Iodine Salt(150 Kgs) and Tarpaulins (202 Nos)to Nepalese Army Wives Association (NAWA) for Remote areas Earthquake victims. Army has all the possible transportation like Helicopter, Trucks with security so it is more reliable and fastest way to reach in remote areas needy people.

Tomorrow I am sending Sanjay  to visit northern part of Dhading District, Satyadevi VDC  for inception to bring more aids for the earthquake victims and to manage the relief programs in that area locally.

We are updating and posting our recent events of relief works on Facebook page of Clinic Nepal.

I have ordered 1500 Tarpaulins from India and in Narayanghat 2 trucks of rice for more earthquake relief programs.

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