Montag, 5. August 2013

Health Camp Februar 2013

This health camp was a naturally continuing of health camps providing for many years by Clinic Nepal. The national health care is not yet able to provide sufficient health care to the population in these remote locations, where people are poor and have long distances to the nearest hospitals in Bharatpur. There is no family doctor in the region, all medical care cost money, both for diagnosis and treatment. Clinic Nepal was founded in 1997 by Hari Bandary, and has evolved to a great extend: several projects have been evolved to ensure better health care. A great water project has ensured much lesser incidents of infectious deseases, and free health camps during each year has helped the local populations. There is a stationary Clinic in Megauli which has no doctors at place, but 6 days a week, for a few hours, some specialists from Bharatpur provides medical examinations. Also all medicin. There is two nurse, a pharmacist and two health assistents, and other members of the staff.

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