Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Annual Report 2012

Hari schreibt:
Dearest friends, donors, supporters, volunteers and all of those who have been involved with Clinic Nepal directly or indirectly. We would like to extend to you our kindest gratitude and present to you below our fifteenth annual report for the year 2011/2012. Due to all your treasured support we have been able to reach our 15 th anniversary and we continue to operate with great effect and optimism for the future. This has been achieved to the credit of and with the great dedication of all those who have made contributions of all forms of this worthy cause and for which we would like to extend our kindest regards and appreciation. If you have any suggestions, comments or opinions which you would like to share on anything detailed in this report, please do not hesitate to contact us via the above details. Hearty regards from the entire Clinic Nepal Family.

1. Number of patients treated
2. Free Health Camp in remote districts and villages
3. Specific Financial Assistance for Treatments
4. Emergency aid
5. The Clinics Antenatal, Health Awareness and Medical Services Door to Door Project
6. Psychological Counselling Project
7. Ambulance Service
8. Sponsored children
9. Aasha ko Kiran Children’s Home
10. Vocational and Skills-Development Training
11. Kindergarten projects