Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Aplastische Anämie.

Hari berichtet: 

Narayan is age 27 yrs. old from Ayodhyapuri Madi, chitwan. He was working in India 3 month ago .At that time, He was suffering from asthma, fast heat beat & had been to doctor. According to Doctor, he has Aplastic Anemia Disease. He came back to home & started to ask for help to his treatment to different organization. It is very expensive treatment as single dose of injection costs about Rs 19,000. He knew our organization &come to ask for help. He needs 28 ATG injections against aplastic anemia. Among 28, Clinic Nepal provided one injection to him while other injections were supported by political parties, local community, his relatives and he himself collected some money by singing
in different places. He had injection from April 30 to May 4, seven injections per day. He is still admitted In Bharatpur Cancer Hospital, Chitwan since 2 months.