Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Flood Erosion.

 Neuigkeiten, was die Überschwemmungsproblematik angeht:

In August 2008, heavy floods caused river erosion, collapse of river banks and the destruction and loss of houses at Bhagardi.

Thanks to the Gibraltar funding branch of Clinic Nepal, work has gone on during the last year to repair damage and ensure that this does not happen again in Bhagardi.

Recently, Ram, Manesh, volunteer Madeline and Hari visited the work. They found that the wall built to strengthen the riverbank has been well built and is of good quality. It is a very professional job. The wall starts at 9 metres underwater and rises to the top of the riverbank.

Hari has had a meeting with the local people and the building committee. They are verypleased and grateful to the Gibraltar committee for their financial support through clinic Nepal. Support also came from the District Development Committee, Meghauli Village Development Committee and labour and materials were donated by the local people.