Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Short Report von Hari, März 2011.

The clinic and kindergarten staff are all fine and well. We are seeing an increase in the number of people coming to the clinic as the weather gets warmer; this is mainly due to infections which increase with the rise in temperature.The farm is green and growing with wheat and Dahl lentil, we had a visit from a German organic farmer who brought with him some seeds for carrot, beetroot and others and we have taught the caretaker farmer to regularly water and irrigate these seeds. We have had to buy a new cow for the farm as the old one stopped producing milk.It is now the end of the school year and all the children are undertaking their final exams, at which point they will have a short vacation. The new term will begin in mid-April.

The new Wolfgang LInke kindergarten building is nearly finished and looks good and we have moved the children and teachers to this building which is alongside the farm. We need to finish the electrics and the ceilings in this building still, but this doesn’t affect us being able to use it successfully. Being next to the farm means the children can have milk from the cow and the bio-fuel facility which is part of the farm is now working well and producing enough gas for the kindergarten to cook the food for the children’s lunch. We had a visit from a German couple Sandra, a Kindergarten Teacher, and Floria, a carpenter, who made some great shelving for the books and puzzles and toys in the kindergarten. They also helped the teachers order the classrooms and we have names for the two classrooms “violet” for the little children and “Sunflower” for the older ones. Craig and the team have painted the names above the doors, the alphabet on the wall and a map mural of the world in various rooms. The Children are taking their end of year exams now to enable them to move up a grade.

The compound around the kindergarten is still to be completed; we have a little garden/play area which was used recently by Craig and the team for a sports day which the children and teachers seemed to enjoy. We still need to build a fence around the compound to protect the safety of the children
In Daldale the kindergarten we have Montessori working well, we had a trainer from the UK to fully establish this method. She has successfully trained the teachers. We have 52 children in the hostel in Daldale who are also completing their finals exams. The majority of the children are then given some time to return to their families to strengthen their family bond. During this break the time will be used to re-furbish and update the surroundings at the hostel before the children begin their studies once again.

Elsewhere work continues with the health camps in Madi. Following work in the Eastern region the camp will now be taken to the Western area. On the next camp on the 27 March a new medical team will be present headed up by a new doctor from Denmark, Birger Aaen-Larsen, a specialist in general medicine and Master of Public Health and experienced General Practitioner working in rural areas in Denmark and Greenland. In this team will also be Dermatologists, German doctors and medical students from both Germany and Spain.

The general health camp will be conducted with a view to identify people that may need further hospital treatment. This treatment, as always, would then be facilitated and funded by the clinic. We would help to use the intelligence gathered from seeing the wide range of patients to better understand particular health needs eg: is there high diabetes or blood pressure problems?

We have future plans to create a permanent outreach building which will allow longer stays at the ‘Health Camp’; it will cut down on the time used to set up tents and signs and also, of course, provide a recognizable muster point where local people can see when applicable treatments may be available. It will also provide us with the ability to facilitate further health outreach in the Madi area.

Meghauli water tower project, as you will know we have been working hard to further this programme over many years. Over the last two weeks I took the local politicians and user group leaders (around 22 people) to see the progress made by other successful projects and see examples of other water projects which we hope we can replicate in Meghauli. Thanks to this visit we were able to ask questions of the existing projects, and learn from their experiences. Now the Government has been asking for bids for consultancy to do the feasibility study and design the tank and so further progress the project in Meghauli.

The Government is asking for existing local Non Governmental Organizations to bid for the implementation of our project and are asking for the project proposal to be put forward within one month.

I am trying to motivate the local user groups to contribute the 5% of financial commitment necessary to fund the implementation of the project. We’ve had a series of meetings and will continue with further ones as necessary. We believe that if the local users contribute 5% they will have a strong sense of ownership towards this project and its ongoing maintenance and upkeep.
The Kindergarten, the farm, hostel, clinic and health outreach would not be possible without the help, enthusiasm and funding of Friends of Clinic Nepal. It is hoped that continued support will further the previously established work and aid further projects in the future.

Thank you very much. Kind regards, Hari Bhandary, 25th March 2011