Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2007

10 Jahre.

Es ist zwar schon ein paar Monate her, aber am 7. April wurde die Klinik 10 Jahre alt. Ein kurzer Zeitungsbericht über die Feierlichkeiten:

Celebration time in Nepal - The 10th Anniversary of Clinic Nepal on 7th April 2007

Friendship Clinic Nepal is today cheerfully celebrating its 10th anniversary of operation having started way back in 1997 when current Director of Nepal Operations Hari Bhandary accepted the help of Beryl and Peter Shore. They had already enjoyed a 10 year friendship as a result of a chance meeting between the three when Peter and Beryl got lost in Hari’s village of Megauli. This close trusting friendship resulted in the establishment of a most successful medical clinic with ancillary organizations such as Kindergartens, a farm, a Scout Troop and a small nucleus of sponsorships specializing in poor young children’s educations and suitable skills for unemployed women. In fact the work of the Clinic is more of a community centre umbrella with many poor and needy receiving help and attention.
Another justified cause for celebration is the news that the Clinic, in close association with Newah and WaterAid– specialists in supplying fresh clean drinking water and quality hygiene facilities and training - has been internationally recognized. Only just recently did Megauli village receive an official deputation from Somalia specifically to learn from the Chitwan based team, the successful introduction of a major regional Water and Sanitation programme (WATSAN)
If that was not enough to celebrate, it just happened that Peter and Beryl Shore made a big effort to bring their family (including grandchildren!) to Nepal to not only join in the 10th anniversary celebrations but to also celebrate their own 50th wedding anniversary.
Finally - would you believe – the Scout Group of Megauli – based at the Clinic - will be, along with the rest of the world, celebrating 100 years of international scouting by hosting the visit of a combined Scout Troops from Bristol and Plymouth, England this coming October for “JUNGLE JAMBOREE” 2007
The celebrations lasted all day with Nepalese music and traditional dances, colourful banners and attractive flower displays with singing from both Nepalese hosts and British visitors with everyone looking forward to another wonderful successful 10 years.